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Keep Your Oil Safe!

Keep Your Oil Safe!

There has been reports of oil thefts recently so here is our top tips to keep your domestic oil safe.

1. Keep your tank hidden

A tank should ideally be situated away from any external gates or doors and out of sight from the roadside. You may want to consider erecting a fence or planting shrubbery nearby to prevent easy access and visibility from opportunists.

2. Tank Lock or alarm 

Install sturdy locks on your caps, openings, and also vent caps if possible. In addition to tank locks, where possible, fit fuel hoses with hardened/flexible casing so they are harder to cut. A fuel tank alarm system is becoming a more popular piece of theft prevention equipment, offering convenience and security.

3. Check your levels 

Regularly check fuel levels so you easily spot if oil levels drop dramatically without explanation. Installing a monitoring system can make this easier.         

4. Keep an eye in the sky! 

You may wish to install CCTV; this is an easy way to protect your oil when you’re not around. As most thefts occur at night, security lighting can also work as a deterrent. 

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