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Broadwood Pianos

Broadwood Pianos

 Worlds oldest piano maker completed refurbishment on one of their most historic models. 
100 years ago, piano manufacturer John Broadwood and Sons, formed in 1728, built a piano for Gustav Holst, an English composer on which he wrote many of his pieces, including the ‘Planets’ compositions. Broadwood pianos were also played by composers such as Mozart and Beethoven. The piano was first made for St Paul’s School in Hammersmith and kept within a unique soundproof room created by Holst in 1913. Broadwood and Sons have refurbished and rebuilt the piano in their North Yorkshire workshop in Lythe where the piano has been restored to full working order and now sounds as it would have done in Holst’s time. After being in private ownership for some time, it is now being returned to the school where Holst wrote and taught music for 30 years.
Well worth watching, as featured on BBC North East and Cumbria...


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