Mulgrave Estate

Two more Mulgrave moorlands benefit from restoration work

27 December 2019

Two more Mulgrave moorlands benefit from restoration work

Extensive grazing on two more of Mulgrave Estate’s heather moorlands is already showing beneficial signs in terms of moorland habitat recovery. The heather moorlands were struggling to compete with gorse and purple moor grass which over time will smother the moorland if not controlled. Working with Natural England, the governments conservation advisors, and local grazing tenants that have suitably sourced livestock, Mulgrave Estate are beginning to turn the tide on their heather moorland habitat decline.

John Beech, Assistant Rural Surveyor at Mulgrave noted ‘ We now have a variety of options to combat the natural succession on the heather moors. Removal of gorse with tractor driven machinery has worked well initially but we are now following this up with livestock which can graze extensively on the aftermath. We are already seeing signs of moorland regeneration where competing vegetation has been removed, however continuous light grazing needs to be maintained if we are to ensure the moorland repair work is sustainable into the future.’

Johns pic 2