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Mulgrave Estate

Winter traditional boundary work at Mulgrave

Winter traditional boundary work at Mulgrave

Staff and contractors have been hard at work restoring traditional drystone walls and hedgerows around Mulgrave Estate this winter. Plenty of hedge and hedge tree planting has been completed around High Leas Farm in the recent weeks dividing fields and creating wildlife refuge and corridors.

In house staff have also been engaged in planting individual trees to attract particular species. Whitby Naturalist’s Trust approached the Estate last year to encourage the planting of Alder Buckthorn which is one of the main food plants of the Brimstone butterfly. Planting these trees allows the Brimstone to migrate northwards from it’s usual breeding ground further south. http://www.whitbynaturalists.co.uk/files/buckthorn_for_brimstones_project_sheet.pdf Eighty-eight Alder Buckthorn have been planted at various locations at High Leas as hedgerow trees. This is another good example of the Estate working in conjunction with local groups. 

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Further south our contractor has rebuilt 100m of traditional dry stone wall along the roadside to Egton village. The wall was in a poor state and not stockproof. The tenant assisted with financial contribution and topwiring. The wall now makes a big impact on the roadside and in the landscape. More walling work is planned for the spring and summer on the Estate.

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