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Mulgrave Estate

Monitoring stewardship success across the Estate

Monitoring stewardship success across the Estate

As part of our large agri- environment scheme on the Estate, we frequently check on the measures and options that we’ve put in place via the scheme for biodiversity. Monitoring and evaluation of the scheme is just as important as identifying where they should go and how to do them. Measuring success means ensuring that we’ve done the right thing in the right place and that the wildlife is benefiting from the various options.

One specific example relates to installing Barn Owl boxes. Mulgrave Estate has, over the last two years, put up a number of Barn Owl boxes at various locations within farm buildings across the Estate. We’re pleased to say that a good proportion of them have been used either as roosts or for nesting sites and raising young. Installing these boxes has contributed to stabilising and expanding a healthy population of Barn Owls on the Estate and they are now a relatively common sight where they can be seen hunting over the fields at dusk. More information on Barn Owls can be found here https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/barn-owl/


Photographs showing Barn Owls using nest box installed by Mulgrave Estate in 2018

Thank you to Kirsty for submitting the pictures.

Countryside Stewardship is a national agri- environment scheme supported by Natural England

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