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Covid 19 - Works in Residential Properties

Covid 19 - Works in Residential Properties

Following recent changes to Government lockdown rules in England, we are writing to advise that we shall continue to undertake statutory compliance inspections, emergency repairs and routine maintenance work when they can be done within the scope of the guidance.

You should be aware that all Estate staff and contractors have been instructed that any works must be done in a Covid-19 secure fashion, strictly within the stipulations of Government guidance, and in accordance with a suitable Covid-19 risk assessment.

No works will be carried out in properties that contain an individual who is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or who has a confirmed case of Covid-19.

The Government has also reintroduced the Shielding category for people who are considered clinically extremely vulnerable. Whilst we will fully respect the wishes of people in this category Guidance does not preclude entry to their properties to undertake works and we will therefore still seek to undertake statutory or emergency works in these properties

We appreciate that the conditions experienced under this pandemic have been extremely difficult for all concerned and have meant that some projects on properties have had to be delayed and some routine repairs have not been dealt with. We will continue to catch up on this backlog as soon as reasonably possible. If you are aware of works that need dealing with in your property which have not been reported because of Coronavirus, then please let the Estate know.

If Estate staff/contractor is instructed to undertake works at your property you will receive further information regarding the requirements on social distancing and hygiene measures that will need to be observed and the contractors will also be aware of these. Further updates will be issued as and when appropriate.

We thank you for your assistance and understanding.

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