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New Holiday Home - The Old Guard House, Goldsborough nr Whitby

New Holiday Home - The Old Guard House, Goldsborough nr Whitby

The Old Guard House has been carefully restored and converted into a luxury 5-bedroom holiday home over the last 18 months. The original building has been furnished in the style of the 1940s with traditional wallpaper, vintage furniture, and wall art displaying WWII British propaganda and governmental advice. The west-facing upper balcony has also been restored, allowing guests to enjoy a view of the farmland and coastal bays that run along this sensational coast. An extension in same style as the original building has also been added in order to take full advantage of the location. This contains the kitchen/living area, which has been designed for maximum comfort and lounging opportunities! Equipped with a multifuel burner, large TV and huge squishy sofas this is the ‘mess room’ of the house. Glass doors take up almost one entire wall and provide spectacular sea views. These lead out to the private garden and patio, while discreet hedging and fencing alongside the property offer complete privacy to our guests.

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HISTORY -The Old Guard House was originally developed in 1941 as an Army station to detect enemy ships approaching Britain by sea in WWII. In 1942, it was transferred to the control of the RAF, becoming RAF Goldsborough. It was part of the ‘Chain Home Low’ radar warning system that was developed to detect low flying aircraft used by German forces. Before this, the British were unable to detect low flying planes until they were at close range! RAF Goldsborough was one of the stations set up along the coast to fill this critical gap in coverage. Towards the end of the war, UK radar operations were wound down and after 1945 it was assumed that they would not be needed for some time. This thinking changed dramatically in 1949 with the Soviet test of their first atom bomb. RAF Goldsborough was upgraded in 1951 to counter possible attack by Soviet bombers and was fitted with an enormous underground bunker, in addition to the original WWII ‘Guardhouse’. Aerial photographs show an initial massive excavation taking place in October 1951. The construction of the technical site was about the same size on the ground as the village of Goldsborough! Sadly, the bunker was destroyed by a severe fire in 1958 and was no longer fit for purpose. In 2004, another fire destroyed much of the Guardhouse leaving it badly damaged, roofless, and abandoned until 2022 when our restoration work began.

Now taking bookings from 1st December 2023  

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