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  • Moorland restoration work underway at Westonby Moor

    Moorland restoration work underway at Westonby Moor

    Following the Natural England’s approval for the Estate’s extensive Countryside Stewardship (CSS) scheme to commence earlier in the year, work has now begun in earnest to enhance a number of nationally important habitats across the Mulgrave Estate landholdings. Westonby Moor, between Egton and Lealholm, has seen a number of changes in the past few decades which have led to the heather moorland habitat decrease in terms of general biodiversity value. The moor was drained in the 1970’s with an intricate system of shallow drainage channels or ‘grips’ installed to empty the moor of water southwards down towards Shortwaite and the River Esk. Subsequently, the moor has dried out and scrub birch, willow and pine have taken over this once important area of wet heather moor. The drainage work has also exacerbated the problem of soil erosion from the moor and no doubt contributed to excess water flooding down the southern slope, through the farms and into the Esk. Mulgrave Estate’s CSS scheme at Westonby, which is endorsed and funded by Natural England, will aim to reverse this process by blocking the moorland grips enable the moor to hold more water and contribute to carbon sequestration in the peaty soils below. Keeping the moor wet will prevent the release of carbon into the air which is a major factor in atmospheric pollution. More information on grip blocking and moorland restoration can be seen on the Yorkshire Peat Partnership website here. https://www.yppartnership.org.uk/our-work and the Moorland Association website here http://www.moorlandassociation.org/carbon-capture/ The moor will also be fenced to enclose livestock on an extensive grazing system. A small number of suitably sourced cattle which are adapted to rough grazing will be introduced onto the moor to graze on the heather and scrubby trees. Grazing the moor will keep the scrub in check and with assistance from Estate staff and contractors reduce the amount of invasive trees to a manageable level.

    Photo – fencing work underway at Westonby Moor, Lealholm

  • Book now for reduced prices on our Winter Short Breaks!

    Book now for reduced prices on our Winter Short Breaks!

    Make the most of our short breaks, available from October through to March.

    Enjoy a weekend 3 night stay or a mid-week 4 night stay at reduced rates!

    Our cosy cottages are the perfect place to escape the cold.

  • Mulgrave Estate Self Catering Cottages

    Mulgrave Estate Self Catering Cottages

    Our lovely cottages were featured in a Whitby Guide article about Sandsend.

    Click here​ to see the full article!

  • Estate Staff V. Mulgrave Sport Club Cricket Match

    Estate Staff V. Mulgrave Sport Club Cricket Match

    We would like to thank Sport Mulgrave for hosting last nights cricket match and BBQ. Also a big thank you to all who came along to support both the teams. A great night had by all, with the final score being 156 in 20 overs to the Estate Staff and 157 in 20 overs to Mulgrave Sport…. what a match!

  • Fire Risk to Moors

    Fire Risk to Moors

    ​This fantastic weather is great for exploring but very dry conditions means there is an increasing risk of moorland and forest fires and therefore the North York Moors National Park have issued a fire aler​t. Most wildfires can be prevented - please don’t light fires or BBQs around wooded areas or on the moors and don’t discard matches, cigarettes or glass. Thank you!​

  • Mulgrave to Menu

    Mulgrave to Menu

    The Mulgrave Estate takes its wildlife management and deer control very seriously. We ensure our wildlife and conservation work side by side and our deer management policy is a key example. Mulgrave Deer are sustainably controlled to ensure that our farm crops and young trees are not damaged by an over populated herd. A healthy, managed population that can thrive alongside our Estate operations is what we try to achieve. To that end, we are very pleased to supply the Dunlsey Hall Hotel menu with quality venison, carefully taken from the Mulgrave Woods. We hope you will visit Dunsley Hall and enjoy the wild flavours of our venison and marvel that it arrives from wood to fork in less than one mile.

    To book a table at the Dunsley restaurant and enjoy, call 01947 893437.

  • ‘Green Light’ given to significant Countryside Stewardship schemes

    ‘Green Light’ given to significant Countryside Stewardship schemes

    Natural England has given the green light for the Estate to enter a significant Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship scheme which focuses on developing an extensive agri environment plan on the across the Estate. The scheme, which will run for 10 years until 2028, will involve a number of ‘green farming’ options such as…

  • Mulgrave Castle 10k

    Mulgrave Castle 10k

    On Sunday 3rd June, 200 athletes of all abilities, from all over the North came to take part in the annual Mulgrave run organised by Mulgrave Community Sports Association. The challenging route includes views of the old medieval castle, the fords crossing the becks at Sandsend and a hill climb to 430m. Hardly a walk in the park! Jay Ferns of Glaisdale won 1st place with a time of 36:12 and the first lady home was Catherine Williamson of Whitby in 42:17, who took sixth place overall. A huge thank you to all the runners and everyone involved in organising the event.

  • Stiddy Firing to commemorate the Royal Wedding

    Stiddy Firing to commemorate the Royal Wedding

    To celebrate the Royal Wedding which took place on Saturday (19th May), crowds gathered in Lythe to watch the firing of the Stiddy. Lady Normnaby, Castle staff and our maintenance team all took turns in lighting the Stiddy.

    Click the heading to see more pictures.

  • Royal Wedding Celebrations

    Royal Wedding Celebrations

    ​Lythe Village School are celebrating the Royal Wedding by having a picnic in Mulgrave Castle Gardens in the sunshine.

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