Mulgrave Estate
Mulgrave Estate

Woodland Creation Plan

The Mulgrave Estate is embarking on ambitious plans to increase woodland cover across parts of the Estate.

Over 500 acres of land are identified to plant with a new mixed species native woodland in the Egton (Churchdale Scheme) and Goathland region of the Estate. The majority of the trees are to be planted on marginal grassland, valley sides and bracken banks which originally would have been draped in woodland 500 years ago, prior to it being cleared for agricultural use. This habitat reversion scheme will now allow trees to re- establish on these sites and provide a quality sanctuary for many of our native woodland wildlife species.

The new woodlands will have an additional benefit of storing carbon (known as carbon sequestration) by locking the carbon in the tree and in its roots. The planting will also contribute to the UK Governments commitment to carbon net zero by 2050.

Native species such as Oak, Alder, Willow, Hazel, Crab Apple, Sycamore, Beech, and Scots Pine will be planted across the sites at various densities depending on site locations. Some areas will be planted spaciously similar to the wood pasture landscape, whilst others will be created as coniferous plantations adding a commercial option to the new woodland in future years.

The new tree planting sites are designed to link with existing woodland zones creating connectivity corridors across the landscape and creating wildlife superhighways in which species can travel.

Planting the trees will begin to take place in Autumn 2024, with initial groundworks beginning in spring and summer of that year.

Deer and Squirrels are natural enemies of the young trees who will graze the bark and shoots preventing establishment and growth so we will be undertaking a programme of control in the planted areas on a regular basis.

Working in conjunction with

The Forestry Commission

The woodland creation schemes are being developed in conjunction with the Forestry Commission, North York Moors National Park Authority and Natural England. Scrutiny of the woodland planting schemes will be undertaken by DEFRA to ensure they do not conflict with other interests at these locations.

Churchdale Woodland Planting Scheme, Egton

A second consultation meeting was held at Egton Village Hall on the 12 March to discuss the plans for the planting of the new woodland in the valley and surrounding hills. We received a number of very positive comments regarding the scheme including offers of volunteering to assist with the planting.

The next stage is to have further discussions with the Forestry Commission before carrying out some ground preparation works ready for planting over the winter period. The trees to be planted will be a mixture of native broadleaf species and commercial conifer, with some areas left for natural colonisation and around 20% open ground with no trees at all.

Download the Churchdale Woodland Planting Scheme