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Log Orders will cease for summer from the 1st May 2024 and we will start deliveries again early September 2024, please place your orders now if your require a delivery this month (April 2024).

All loads are made up of air-dried hardwood (not kiln dried), felled on the Estate, comprising of mostly Ash, with some Sycamore, Beech, Oak & Birch.

Full load is approx. 2.28 m3   £315.00 Standard (delivered by Iveco Daily Tipper van)
                                £330.00 Cleaned 

Half load is approx. 1.14 m3  £170.00 Standard (delivered by Iveco Daily Tipper van, partitioned)  
                                £177.50 Cleaned

Kindling Net (47cm x70cm) £7.25 each

If due to storage you cannot accommodate a half load we can supply dumpy bags for £95.00 each or twenty log nets for £145.00 by special order - please call 01947 893239

Delivery charges are based on fuel costs and the distance and time taken from Sandsend Sawmill

Logs are cut to between 9 to 10 inches or 230mm to 260 mm.  Please note; the standard firewood has not been over a cleaning system, so each delivery will contain some smaller logs, shards and chip, which can make excellent kindling.  These shards can get in amongst gravel and other surface types, so it is best to place a tarpaulin down before delivery.  

We can now offer logs which have been ‘cleaned’ – which means they are worked through a screener to grade and tumble out all of the smaller logs, fines, shards and chip, due to the machinery, time and storage associated to this process, there is an extra charge of £15.00 per full load and £7.50 per half load.   Please select standard or cleaned when ordering.

We are unable to offer a stacking or throwing off service. 

We prefer to deliver our firewood on dry days to ensure the quality of our product and maintain Woodsure moisture content.

SeasonedFirewood Hardwood MulgraveEstate RtB Cert DIGITAL001  Kindling MulgraveEstate RtB Cert DIGITAL 002

Mulgrave Estate ensure firewood is Ready to Burn, customers can be confident that the wood fuel being sold is ready for immediate use.

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"Friendly service, prompt delivery and excellent quality dried hardwood logs that are ready to burn. Thank you". customer M

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