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  • Covid 19 - Works in Residential Properties

    Covid 19 - Works in Residential Properties

    Following recent changes to Government lockdown rules in England, we are writing to advise that we shall continue to undertake statutory compliance inspections, emergency repairs and routine maintenance work when they can be done within the scope of the guidance.

    You should be aware that all Estate staff and contractors have been instructed that any works must be done in a Covid-19 secure fashion, strictly within the stipulations of Government guidance, and in accordance with a suitable Covid-19 risk assessment.

    No works will be carried out in properties that contain an individual who is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or who has a confirmed case of Covid-19.

  • Jobs and Recruitment.


    An exciting job opportunity has arisen within Mulgrave Estate Forestry team, for more details: Forestry Worker 2021

  • Coming Soon - To Let - Rock Head Farmhouse, Hutton Mulgrave, YO21 3TN

    Coming Soon - To Let - Rock Head Farmhouse, Hutton Mulgrave, YO21 3TN

    The farmhouse has recently been refurbished to a high standard still retaining some of the traditional features such as sash windows, beamed ceilings and a log burning stove. Situated in a glorious rural location.

  • Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day 2020

    Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day 2020

    Today, millions of people in the UK have put on a Christmas jumper to raise money for a great cause. A very festive Mulgrave Estate team are delighted to have taken part in 2020 Safe the Children Christmas Jumper Day. Thank you to everyone who has donated.

  • The Cottage, Goldsborough, Nr Whitby - Under Offer

    The Cottage, Goldsborough, Nr Whitby - Under Offer

    Property to let - The Cottage is a lovely three bedroom, semi-detached house located in the hamlet of Goldsborough with good access to the A174 and a village pub.

  • If you go down to the woods on Wednesday or Weekends ………………………….Take a camera with you !

    If you go down to the woods on Wednesday or Weekends ………………………….Take a camera with you !

    If you go down to the woods on Wednesday or Weekends ………………………….Take a camera with you !

    Everyone has a favourite tree don’t they ??

    Mulgrave Estate is running a competition as part of National Tree Week (28 November – 6 December). This year we are asking people to take and send in a picture of your favourite tree in Mulgrave Woods, or indeed anywhere across the Estate. Mulgrave Woods contains one of the best examples of mixed semi natural and ancient woodland in the region and as autumn gradually turns into winter it provides some fantastic opportunities to practice your camera skills. Autumn colours are still abundant in the woods and the trees fruits and seeds are in plentiful supply. We have some spectacular veteran trees in the valley as well as lots of young natural regeneration and replacement trees for these woodland elders in the future.

    Most people have a mobile phone with a camera now so, if you are down in the woods this week send us a picture of an autumnal scene or a particular tree that catches your eye. The more imaginative the better.

    Send the pictures to office@mulgrave.net . We will pick 3 winners at the end of National Tree Week and whoever wins will receive a suitably ‘tree themed’ prize !!

    We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your pictures.

    Please remember Mulgrave Woods is only open to the public on Wednesdays and Weekends.

  • Two New Arrivals on Sandsend Rigg

    Two New Arrivals on Sandsend Rigg

    Today, we have taken delivery of two new Exmoor ponies to assist with our conservation grazing on Sandsend Rigg. We are now up to maximum numbers for grazing this area within the woodland. Thankfully, both pairs of ponies took to each other straightaway with very little introduction. We will monitor progress with the grazing over the coming months. The ponies are on loan from the Yorkshire Exmoor Pony Trust.

  • Grazing management on Ugthorpe Moor

    Grazing management on Ugthorpe Moor

    Ugthorpe Moor is now under management again following a grazing regime developed and agreed with Natural England via a Countryside Stewardship agreement. The site has recently been fenced allowing livestock to graze the moor at levels that will benefit the moorland ecosystem. By grazing the moor the encroaching rank grass and scrub will be kept in check allowing the heather moorland to regain ground and flourish. The cattle on the moor will be kept there over the winter before returning home to the farm. Pedestrian access across the moor is open to all who wish to walk across it via the gates installed, but we do ask people to shut the gates behind them and keep any dogs on leads around the livestock. Horse riders are also requested to keep to the bridleways on the moor. Again, please close the gates after use.

  • Over Winter Crops

    Over Winter Crops

    You may have noticed some peculiar crops growing on our farm this winter. As part of our sustainable farming practices, each winter we crop a rotational area of cover crops as part of our policy to improve soil quality and health. The mix being grown this year contains oil radish, oats, vetch and phacelia. The vetch helps capture nitrogen and supports soil life, the radishes put down long tap roots which help with soil compaction and the oats and phacelia catch nitrogen, preserving it until the mix is re-incorporated into the soil. The spring crop to follow the mix will ultimately benefit, as well as an improved organic matter and soil quality.

  • Planting trees in woodland gaps at Mulgrave

    Planting trees in woodland gaps at Mulgrave

    The Mulgrave Estate have made a start on its’ seasonal tree planting programme recently. A number of areas across the Estate are being planted with native tree species to link existing woodlands together to provide wildlife corridors and strengthen landscape quality and character. A total of 3,500 trees will be planted on six parcels of land and will consist of saplings such as English Oak, Alder, Field Maple, Holly, Yew, Scots Pine, Hazel and Beech.

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