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  • River Esk enhancements at Beckside Farm, Egton Bridge

    River Esk enhancements at Beckside Farm, Egton Bridge

    The Mulgrave Estate have recently added a number of native trees to the riverbanks at Beckside Farm. The trees, a mixture of Alder, Willow and Oak will add stability to the riverbank once the roots take hold as well as eventually providing extra habitat for riparian wildlife. Planting the trees is part of stage one on the scheme with a follow up over the next month or so with livestock fencing to prevent cattle entering the watercourse and causing siltation to the gravel beds lower downstream. Siltation causes the spawning grounds for several species of fish to become choked and reduces the chances of successful breeding within the watercourse. Mulgrave Estate have worked in conjunction with the River Esk programme at the North York Moors National Park Authority via it’s WEG scheme (Water Environment Grant).

  • Film Crew spotted at Mulgrave Estate

    Film Crew spotted at Mulgrave Estate

    A number of enhancement projects that the Mulgrave Estate have undertaken have received attention from a film crew recently. The restoration of the traditional hedges at Kettleness were filmed with Runswick Bay providing the scenic backdrop. Our contractors are currently busy planting over 800m of new native hedgerow by the Cleveland Way up there and the whole story of landscape, history, benefit to wildlife and keeping alive traditional skills was told by staff, tenant farmer and contractor.

  • Covid 19 - Works in Residential Properties

    Covid 19 - Works in Residential Properties

    Following recent changes to Government lockdown rules in England, we are writing to advise that we shall continue to undertake statutory compliance inspections, emergency repairs and routine maintenance work when they can be done within the scope of the guidance.

    You should be aware that all Estate staff and contractors have been instructed that any works must be done in a Covid-19 secure fashion, strictly within the stipulations of Government guidance, and in accordance with a suitable Covid-19 risk assessment.

    No works will be carried out in properties that contain an individual who is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or who has a confirmed case of Covid-19.

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