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Mulgrave Estate

Coastal quarry grazing

Coastal quarry grazing

Exmoors @ Sandsend

Our resident Exmoor Ponies are on the move again around the Estate. We recently rehoused them at Sandsend Quarry to graze the coastal slope grassland. The grasslands here are becoming choked by gorse, bramble and rank grasses so the Exmoor’s are the ideal tool to combat this and get the flower and herb rich sward back into condition. The quarry is open to the public but please observe the signs on the gates and be responsible around the livestock. As we move the Exmoor’s around the various conservation grazing sites we are looking for volunteer pony checkers to keep an eye on them on a day to day basis and report any problems. If you walk to the quarry regularly and would like to volunteer for this do get in touch with john.beech@mulgrave.net

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