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Mulgrave Estate

‘Green Light’ given to significant Countryside Stewardship schemes

‘Green Light’ given to significant Countryside Stewardship schemes

Natural England has given the green light for the Estate to enter a significant Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship scheme which focuses on developing an extensive agri environment plan on the across the Estate. The scheme, which will run for 10 years until 2028, will involve a number of ‘green farming’ options such as the seeding of wild bird food, extended over winter stubbles, providing pollen & nectar and bumble-bird mixes, and producing a low input whole crop harvest of barley and wheat. Important moorland and wet grassland areas will be enhanced by the grazing of suitable livestock as part of the scheme providing the necessary conditions for ground nesting birds such as Lapwing, Curlew and Snipe. The re-wetting of areas of heather moorland will be undertaken, blocking the drainage grips and ‘locking in’ the carbon in the peaty soils. Traditional hedgerows will be restored in targeted areas and grassland subject to historic farming methods will also be protected.

The whole of the Estate’s woodland property will be covered by the scheme as well, combining management of the existing expanse of woodland and forest with the planting of new areas of trees to link the woods together.

The scheme roots the Estate’s commitment to long term sustainable management and the improvement of the countryside and its important habitats. The Estate is proud of its policy of ensuring that farming, forestry and our natural environment can successfully co-exist and remain profitable. 

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