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Mulgrave Estate

Conservation grazing begins to restore Mulgrave's moorlands

Conservation grazing begins to restore Mulgrave's moorlands

Belted Galloway cattle are assisting in the restoration of one of the important moorland areas on Mulgrave Estate. Westonby Moor, close to the A171, is part of the extensive Countryside Stewardship scheme to reintroduce grazing and combat natural succession on moorlands across the Estate. By combining the grazing with some active intervention to remove some of the birch scrub and gorse, the moorland will gradually reappear as the dominant habitat. This type of moorland restoration contributes to stabilising the net amount of the North York Moors area covered by this internationally important habitat. The local area has the largest expanse of heather moorland in western Europe therefore is a key habitat to conserve, enhance and expand wherever possible.
We are pleased to be working with our farming tenants Chris & Colin Foster, who have introduced their Belted Galloways or 'Belties' as they are known, onto the moor. As our Conservation Lawnmowers, the 'Belties' will stay on the moor for most of the year and are classified as a rare breed in the UK. More information about conservation grazing with 'Belties' can be found on



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